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Koda Seket by Lakandiwa Koda Seket by Lakandiwa
1997 Koda Seket

Acrylic on Handmade Cogon Grass Paper

The Koda Seket is a ritual horse fight conducted by the T'Boli people during festive occasions
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thesvetislav Featured By Owner May 24, 2010
Greetings Lakan,
I am so glad about Your analysis, that points me that there was not any misunderstood.
About theme, how I come on it... Man is veak, my sens telling me that I know nothing. I am even not sure that images of the World are real.
Therfore In first instance I paint, and I paint simillar pictures as a World I see.
In second instance I seek the other man artwork. In that instance I can see diference and I can feel difference in aproach.
Man is veak, needs support, artist especially.
Support must be solid, the best is the clasic one.
Difference in aproach cood be precious. Japan art in France ( today we have Manga, oposite example ).
And all that is alvays on my mine when I am painting. And when I open my eyes to Your painting. And in that moments I am happy.
It must be a great pleasure to work with young talents. To teach and learn, change ideas.
Salamat (Hvala) at Samuli (i dovidjenja) literary til a next view but ve use it in all ocasions.
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner May 26, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist

It does seem that we are part of an older breed of artists, before the advent of the internet and the domination of manga inspired art. Yet in this pop culture world, what will truly stand out are those who persevere with discipline and a vision to share

Hvala i dovidjenja :)
thesvetislav Featured By Owner May 22, 2010
Greetings Lakan
You can call me Svetislav, it is my first name and name of my grandfather. By education I am a profesor of chemistry, but I worked in cheramic industry and I never had a chance to teach. Well, my daughter is a profesor of mathematics, but it is not the point.
Apsolutely perfect shapes of Your drawings are based on the ancient knowledge of your people, and the it is based on the perfect shapes of the nature. Perfect beuty of lines of some shell is possible to expose in mathematic way. Your ancients and You did not exposed it mathematicaly, You give it aesteticaly and, of course, spiritualy.
And I also seek and try to reach this aesthetic, of course I have also ancient knowledge of my people, and compare give me more points of view, especialy with an expert as you are.
I also think that could be interesting scientificaly analize aesthetic shapes.
In the mean time I draw and meditate.
Thank you for favourite.
Salamat at Samuli
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner May 24, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Greetings Svetislav

I am glad have met someone with your perspective here on DA.

All matter that we contemplate has its own abstract form in our mind. From the chemical formulas to other mathematical computation, all to understand a grander perspective. Same goes as the images derived by the artist, as we contemplate thoughts to images and express it to a medium. Yet in these creations, which would be real or grand; the thought that is so complex or the artwork that represents that thought?

Quite a complex idea, as neither valid or false.

Yet we abstract all these pattens and ideas derived from experience and nature, then we recreate new experiences on our canvasses. All done in a process of mediation; in the time or conception, at the process of creations, and at the contemplation at completing the work.

That is part of our spiritual journey in art and life . . .

My thanks


How do you say "thank you" and "until then" in Serbian?

thesvetislav Featured By Owner May 21, 2010
Dear profesor,
In fact I did browse whole gallery of family, and now I did browse whole Your gallery and I have seen that there are almost unreachable aesthetic and meditation standards. I also paint in meditation mood, of course not so good.
Thank You for shareing Your art with us!
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner May 21, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Greetings Svetislav

On this account you may call me Lakan (my nom de plume) or John (my real name), whereas in the IARFA account I am the professor handling the administrative duties, hence there I am referred to as professor. However, here I am the artist and that basically puts us all at an equal footing.

I am glad that you have looked for me in my own account, because I hadn't the time to check your works and give proper respect to your works "Blue Hare" and "Matematika". I liked them when I saw them, but I cannot give 'faves' using the IARFA account (except on the works of my students).

As for your 'meditative' works, there is no point of comparison between your and mine, since we have points of view, beliefs, medium, experience, and even culture that all come together in the creation of our artworks. If it is because I may be older or do teach art, still there is nothing to compare, making none the lesser. As I had did like your works, this is proof to the beauty of your own works

Salamat (thanks) at Samuli (and until then),

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October 26, 2009
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