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September 12, 2010
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FATE by Lakandiwa FATE by Lakandiwa

"In the lines of our path . . .
Comes an awakening of destiny . . ."


Metallic Gel Pen on Black Paper

a poem written by a friend about the piece:

To whom the intoned prayers point the narrow path shown

'it seems you are not of common men
the ten of wands, the ten of swords, and
i see also The Hanged Man: reaching, gasping,
grasping at the four of pentacles in passing
you will live forever, no matter how hard you try
and believe me, you will try, for the end is a reprieve
you'll kill yourself so many times, for both truths, and lies
always grieving, always doing what's right
but you will never die, you will never die…

The Fool next to Death, a rare sight forever cruel
for he catches his breath so rarely in such company
nearly and barely in such, the company that you seek
and it's heartbreaking to see The Star amongst a backdrop so bleak
but you of all people know that it is used to feeling the black
especially with The Moon so close, yet always staying back

eclipsing your sight, and the silvery light, a repose in peace
but it seems you chose a place you knew you'd never keep…

the three of swords, the nine of swords, and the six of swords
affixed by number and sign to this last card dealt, which is he

The Devil wielding that which he wrought of fire and steel
anguish, depression, guilt, heartbreak, pain and sorrow
spilling concealed within your very marrow and blood
hidden just beneath the surface and surfacing only to hide
the flood kept inside to save those bailing water in, and yet

you are the one.

you are the one running down your face neath the eyeline
always running so you cannot even think, till dried alone.

you are the one.

always running so you cannot even breathe, till wide open, and disowned.

you are the one to whom the intoned prayers point the narrow path shown.'
'but Madame you're surely mistaken, i am but a man like he and him
i am no more or less than ordinary, certainly short of extraordinary
i do only what every man should, and have this grim here as proof
thus far i have only three scars from where out of me poured my dreams
these which bled and died, those that are gone and dead, under mine own hand
and with mine own knife i severed their threads, only to move on, and whether i have, or not,
that is mine own and mine alone for this is my life to end when i will it

and i promise you, i will feel no remorse, for it will be a reprieve.'

'hallow man i tell you, duty is heavier than a mountain
and death, death is lighter than a feather
nethe you, and nether it all, i know what truly lies both abreast and spoken
you can keep running in the rain, hiding your tears in aches and sweat
cutting in vain to slow the spreading poison, but it is inevitable

for this, this is the heavy hand God has dealt you
and these are the blind hands you have been dealt
cast them off and throw them into the river if you will it
and they may even thank your endless, your selfless, kindness, but
just as yourself, these hands will never find joy amongst the rapids...'

by Alain Mower / Carmalain7 [link]

original piece: [link]
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Carmalain7 Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2011
This is really awesome. Would you mind if i used it to illustrate a poem on my profile? (credit given of course)
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
I would be greatly honored

My thanks for such a response to my work
Carmalain7 Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2011
i really appreciate your allowing it to grace my piece :D

and, in case you wanted to see what it is being associated with, here's the link: [link]

Thank you again and really awesome piece.
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Sorry for the late reply

I did attach your piece to my artwork
Carmalain7 Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2011
Wow, i'm truly honored. :thanks:
FrostedSeraphim Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2011
beatifull piece
skilljunkie Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
but i dont wanna![link]
Lakandiwa Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2010
? You just gave me a link to my own page
skilljunkie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011
really? I remember writing "I don't wanna" or something. Your very good and informed. Though....I don't know why you would wanna do that. I dont get it, you want male/male/male love/domination/virtual life/the earth to kaboom? poison and rape some of your favorite things?

Not insulting you, thats just what I found that "it" is, and it seems like everyone is manipulated into it. Movies, Music, and beyond.....why? It only cares about itself and control, would destroy you in a heartbeat for its own gain and if your weak/Life, u get raped or slaved.

sorry, feel like i know a lot on the subject and just don't know why you would want that. and its more than your depiction, in a triangle he would raaape/pierce 6 spheres, and that's a small one, not to mention full form, uggg

anyway ignore me if u like, not insulting you
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